Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Two Cats

The two cats were mewing pitifully away when we arrived. I immediately felt sorry for them. They must be hungry, mustn't they? It was a heartwrenching sound. Whine whine mews. But hubby says ... no, don't feed them! huh? Look at them, so fat and sleek ... ha. There are other people feeding them, and these two cats are the absolute ingrates. After they get what they want, they'll disappear. They aren't even affectionate like our missing cat! They don't even allow you to get near them to pet or play with them! They're just manipulative little creatures. Little parasites. They don't need to be fed. They have their own food stored away somewhere. Like some organisation which have a reserve for three years! NAhh ...

Later on, the fat one with a big expecting tummy tried to crawl out under the gate, and was stuck fast. Her sis look on with worry but the fat one finally managed to unstuck herself after shreking decibels and decided that she's really too fat to squeeze out from there. At least she got some brains for not trying it again. Jumped out from somewhere then. For their main meals. And when we came back later, they were back in the yard, happy as can be, but mewing for more tibbits. heh.

I'll feed them if they come to me and let me pet first. :)

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