Friday, August 06, 2004

Keep out! :P

Urrgh .. I hate it when people invade into my personal space. Just this morning, she grabbed me by my arm, pulled me to the side to whisper into my ears. Whisper? Breathing hot air down my neck more likely. Whisper? I think everyone can hear you too! Arrgh ... too close, I hurriedly took a step back, but she clung on with her claws, determined to share confidences with me. Again I cringed and tried to back off, but she just came nearer. Good god woman, I don't want to have anything to do with you. I don't even talk to you most of the time! madness! madness! Okie, just nod your head and agree with whatever and finally after she had her say, oh laughing ... big secret it was ... to hell with it actually, sorry I'm actually in the middle of something, and who cares really about it ... whew, I'm finally released.


I've only stopped because there's a problem with the next clip too, and I guess it's too late to barge into my bro's room to watch it now. :P Things are getting rather heated up. I still think I like Kakashi best. But the rest are starting to be interesting. heh

And oh dear, another late night. :)

Today PM called me. :) Well, to be more accurate, she called me but I was busy so I called her back later. It's really nice to hear from her again. She's so busy with calls and stuffs, and I'm really happy she's trying to make time for me. Best friends certainly do not come with expiry dates. *grins*

Perhaps one just has to be patient and keep calling and sms-ing and keep asking. *grins*

Hubby has a thought. Perhaps he'll take up with the offer. He's certainly considering it quite a bit. I'm two minds about it. Part of me is worried about the risks involved. Now we are comfortably off and probably getting complacent, and there are also loans to pay and our house to look forward to. On the other hand, it does sound really exciting, and it's a break from normal boring routine. He has to decide on his own eventually, but I will do what I can, like keep an open mind about it and not nag. Hmm, if we do uproot ourselves, what can I do there? Definitely challenging. :)

Caught The Village last night. Not a bad show, but rather slow. Was frightening myself silly for nothing. Hubby must be silently laughing away. :P Interesting idea it has though. Aren't people all afraid of the unknown? Of fear itself? Oh well ... are humans the only creatures with an overactive imagination?

Got to go and sleep. Sleeping for about three hours every night isn't going to do any good for my eye bags. :(

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