Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Idle thoughts

I would like to be a ninja!!! *laughs* Super cool! Oh, not that stupid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles okie!! Humf. heh ... okie, I've been watching Naruto. Ninja. anime. But then I always like such stuffs. When I played Wizardry a long time ago, I rolled the dice thousands of times until I could get a ninja and a samurai. Either that or a dark assasain. Ohh ... I love the speed, the secrecy and mystery surrounding them, and the dark magic and ninjutsu and stuffs. Gosh, now they even talk about chakras. *laughs* All mixed up indeed.

I remember when we played the OTB RPG, I chose to be a bard. (because DM didn't have ninja .. humf) A jack of all trades but a master of none. Thought it was rather cool actually to be able to do lots of different stuffs, interesting! And to do things not within the norm. Unfortunately we didn't really get to play much. It was really rather fun though. Miss those days.

And now doing yoga makes me feel as if ... well, dunno how to put it ... but it feels good for the body and mind and spirit. :) I'm not sure I'm a good yogi though. During practice like today ... in the middle of a tough pose and sweating it out, all I can think of is how nice to be having an ice-cream later! *grins* And I'll never be able to go on a diet. Hungry after class ... thinking of food. I bet Wen doesn't do that. But it's her fault if I do think of ice-cream. Last time when we did yoga together, we always had an ice-cream after that to reward ourselves. haha .. extremely bad habit!

I feel so alive after yoga. Hope I don't start aching the next few days. I'll need to put in some practise on my own too, and not sit in front of the computer and watch animes all day. heh ... which do you think is more likely to happen? *laughs*

Been meaning to get this off my chest. A while back, someone (I shan't name names here) mentioned that doctors get very high pay (yeah right, divide that by the number of hours per day and it's actually peanuts huh). And ... think about this: when they are ill, they aren't really able to get an mc and rest. They still have to continue to work. It really sucks you know, being sick and not able to rest while there are pple out there with a little minor problem and they come asking for mc all the time. And talk about high pay ... what about the ministers?



Re-minisce said...

If you mention her name in your post she will DEFINITELY swing by your blog. it never fails. it's like summoning the wicked witch - i think she does daily web searches for her name. :)

Lysithea said...

*laughs* I shall call her She Who Cannot be Named next time if I need to. :P