Monday, August 09, 2004

Boring times

The mood to write has somewhat fizzled. Not that I'm doing something fun and interesting for the past few days. I would like to go away for a holiday though, what with this long weekend. Like Hong Kong or maybe to Bali again. But hubby doesn't want to go, and he doesn't want me to go without him. I wonder if we would be planning for a trip to Japan anytime soon. ...

Ah well. At least I've finished watching all the available clips of Naruto. I'm extremely amazed by the creativity of the Japanese. Of the author who wrote the manga series. Of the people who come together to create the anime. Totally different from the fantasy books by western writers, which tends to run on the same theme after a while. Naruto has a combination of magic, fighting, humour and depth, and every clip keeps one glued to the screen and wanting more. There are surprises everywhere. I hope the story continues to be this exciting. There is a promising storyline ahead. There are moments which are silly and funny and makes you scream with laughter, and moments which are sad and touching and meaningful. Now I have to wait every week for the next episode. Damn.

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