Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I knew I was putting my neck in the noose. :P

I meant to say SOME pple. General statements like these always feel like it's meant for all ... I thought I had made it clear it was only for some. Darn, didn't have time to edit. Let's see: Logic wise, is a general statement considered true because it's true for some and not for all? Heh, okie, point taken, Mathematically speaking, it cannot be true because it's not true for all cases. (Fermat's Last Theorem. I never quite understood it.) Therefore what I said can be considered an assumption or only true for some individuals. :P

Anyway my comment was to the quotation of the person re-i quoted.

I know of some pple who are unhappy no matter what, and they just get by. And some pple who are happy no matter whether they are single or attached or whatever. I know of some people who are unhappy being single and wishes to find someone; and others who are happy to be single and don't want to change their status. I know of some pple who are unhappy being married and some others who aren't. I know of some pple who don't know how to be happy and one who knows how to be happy even when she is forever confined to the bed and probably won't live long. Sometimes I wonder if the ability of being happy is in the genes. ;P

On a puffing-cheeks-out note, some people stash away secret caches of alcohol. Me ... I have just stashed away a secret cache of chocolates. heh heh

And to razz: I read your blog too. :) I admire and appreciate the beauty and passion in your writings and the courage you have to face everyday. It's very difficult for me to comment in your blog, for all those memories you have are too colourful - full of sadness and happiness, and whatever I can say seems too insignificant.

Me, my blog is just for me to write whatever rubbish which comes into my head, which are usually happy little nothings, or everyday grumbles, and an outlet for my other self of prejudiced and bigoted views - non-politically correct stuffs which I have to get off my chest sometimes so that I can conform to the usual sheeps out here. :P

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Tammy said...

Hi, Lysithea. :)

I have one of those journals, too, where I just spout off whatever's on my mind, which sometimes isn't much - or much worth noting, anyway. I also have a notebook for freewrites and such. And, hey, I've gotten myself into trouble with general statements, too. One thing I've discovered is that I love to read the different ways everyone perceives the world. It's good to get out of my head and into someone else's for a while.

Don't worry about not commenting on my blog. I'd still write in it if no one ever read it or commented. It's just my outlet, and the truth is I never know what to say to other people either.

Have a good day, Lys.