Friday, August 13, 2004

Grrrowwl ...

I am fuming mad right now. Freaking bad mood today. Writing this down hopefully will calm me down somewhat. I'll put down a whole list of grouses later. Grrrrr.

Still at work. Whoever says we work for very little hours are damn bloody mistaken. I'd like to see those pple doing it! Ha. I bet they can't last very long! I've been working 9 hours straight, running around, up and down ... screaming at the top of my voice and doing all kinds of things - computer stuffs, markings, lesson preparation, CCA etc. Still got lots of things left undone. When will everything end? There's no rest for the undead. Oh well ... *shrug*

On a happier note, Naruto episodes 95 & 96 are out and bro has downloaded it. It means I can go home and watch later! yay! heh ... I think the fighting parts are a bit too long-winded. That's the problem with manga/anime. They get carried away with the fighting and that could span like a few dozen episodes. Hey, get on with the story, duh! :( And the biggest problem which is seen by most of the manga/animes is that because of the fighting which drags on too long, people get tired and the writer also loses touch of the storyline. That's really bad. The good manga are the ones which end short and sweet. The best I remembered was one which was about tennis... only 10(?) volumes ... makes one wish for more. But because it was short and succulent, it really remained in one's memories - with a happy ending.

Ah well, still something to look forward to on a Friday evening. :)

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