Tuesday, August 10, 2004


From here.

And I've managed to do all the things I've planned to do today! Yay me! Tidied up the room, even vacumned it! Heck, vacumn cleaners should think of going cordless too! Maybe battery operated plus rechargable. And they should go lighter. It's not nice having to lug that big thing around the place and keep getting tangled up with the cables! I mean the design have been around for ages, there should be a newer version. Maybe I should patent my idea. :) Hmm, I wonder if those vacumn cleaners which can mop as well is good. Always see them demonstrating in those shopping centres.

Finished my markings too. Killer paper, why set so difficult? They aren't going to do well at all. And not enough time too. I wouldn't have given such a tough one. Then again, there's always the one who gets full marks. Scolding time, I guess. :P

Mum says scanner still around. Maybe I'll put some of my nice trees and ducks and bears pictures up too. heh heh.

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