Tuesday, August 10, 2004

From me, to me.

Day after day, time after time, flies by so quickly. The good news is that today is still a holiday for me, and I really have to make the best out of it instead of wasting it like the last three days.

Oh, if only I can get Naruto out of my head first! :P My head is simply filled with ninjas, excitment, ninjutsu, laughter and the animations. That is what comes of being too obsessed. Yesterday I started watching the clips a second time. And still can't wait for the next one to come. Been reading the info page too ... but I guess there's nothing new anymore for now.

In the anime Naruto, there are actually a lot of lessons to learn. Never give up, never never give up. Even if you have been beaten to a pulp. Live for your dreams, live to protect the people you love. Never lose hope. It's quite touching really. Here's a part which was rather sad but memorable: When the evil Orochimaru asked Tsunade to heal his hands, and for that, he promised to bring back her little brother and boyfriend who was killed in the war years back, the two people she loved most. And she missed them so much she was actually seriously considering to agree. Then she got to know Naruto and she realised that she will be betraying their dreams. And this was what she said to Orochimaru, 'You once said that all things with form will fade, but memories will never fade.' .. Okie, that is what she said if the translation is correct. heh.

I quote from Razz:

It doesn't matter what we have or don't have, it's how we relate to those around us. And that starts with family. From the day we are born, we're told that we're this or that or the other thing and we believe it because it's all we know as children. When we grow up, we may embrace it or we may run away from it. We may extend it to include other relationships, but it always goes back to the identity assigned to us by family. When someone who defines such a large part of us is suddenly gone, we flounder. We don't know who that part of us is anymore and we desperately search to find it again. We cling to every little piece of it we can. I've seen this over and over, both in myself and in others.

Very meaningful! :)

This reminded me of a story I once read a long time ago. About this character who did not feel that she existed at all, because she was so much alone and there was no one she knew to confirm her existence. So she put mirrors in her house, everywhere, on all the walls, so that she can see herself in the mirror and knew she existed. She didn't have an identity, she only wanted to exist. And one day, she went on a quest ... and finally found her identity. :)

Also, in Naruto, because Naruto had the demon fox in him, he was shunned and avoided when he was young and he grew up as a troublemaker and did a lot of pranks just so that people will admit his existence. However, he had a friend and teacher who understood the pain and tried to love him for himself. Unlike Gaara, who was in the same shoes, who was betrayed and hated, and they both ended up so differently. Now Naruto found friends and fight to protect them whereas Gaara only live in hatred and lonliness. It was rather sad, but the story ended with Gaara realising that perhaps things could change for the better after all.

Note to self: Okie, let's not get overly cynical about it. All stories leads to happy endings obviously. :) It's not real after all, so don't be too hard on the story. Perhaps in real life, things will eventually lead to a happy ending if one works hard to make it come true. :)

People around you truely plays an important part in the making of yourself! That is why the family and loved ones are very important. The young kids who go home to an empty house where parents are always so busy to have time for them are the worst casualties. And perhaps that is why we need to find people to love and be loved, to have a relationship, so that we can be accepted and loved, so that we can feel to be in existence.

*shrug* I don't know ... bit too early for much thinking, will wait to read more from razz. :)

This is what I shall do today: It's about time to tidy up room again. Go to the bank, do some real work, and go for yoga at night. If I know myself, in between I'll be watching Naruto again (repeated this time) heh heh ... and probably finding some excuse to laze around.

And just one final note, I did my hair and it didn't turn out as how I would really have liked it. Lesson learnt: never trust other people. Never agree to let other people put their will around you. Must be insistent and persistent and put your feet down firmly on the ground. *bleah*

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