Monday, August 02, 2004

A few things about today.

Actually I've forgotten what I wanted to complain about today. *laughs*

Lunch at work in the canteen today, was like ... not even 'tump' into the tummy but the food was completely dissipated before reaching the bottom. And for two bucks, it's actually not that value for money. And that was one of the main reasons why today was the second time I had lunch there this year. Most of the time I'm on a bread-roll. :P

From re-iminse's latest entry, I quote:

Never wait for a phone call. They never happen. Except on TV.

It's a bit like watching a kettle boil, except not. Otherwise the phone would be reduced into a foul smelling slag heap. ...

True ... never wait for a phone call. Do the calling yourself!! :) Why wait for the phone call? If the person means something to you, give him/her a call! What's all this rubbish about waiting for the other person to call? I'm always having to call my friends. They never did call ... really. Life is so short, why wait for the other person to call? I read a story once which says of one person always wanting to call another, but didn't and finally when he decided to, the other person has passed away.

And speaking about kettles refusing to boil when you glare at them ... how true, how true. :)

And why is it, that everytime you are convinced that you are over someone, when you are happy and content with your single life, that all you have to do is see/ hear that the person is with someone else, and everything goes to pieces?

You see, the key word here is your single life. The way I see it, perhaps once a person has tasted the life of a couple, a close couple with lots of happy memories, being alone takes a high level of adaptability and the loss is there. So it's not very correct to say 'happy and contented' with single life. That stage is just temporary and highly unstable, and anything may topple that illusion. It's said that time heals all, but to me, I think, finding another to fill that emptiness is a better healer. One will always have the memories with oneself, but it's really up to you to be happy.

Why is it that somehow, the people that are the worst for us, we tend to love the most??
Because ultimately, at the end of the day, we're all fools in the great game of life.

Well, I shall be unbearable, condescending, and patronising ... *laughs*. I think there are people out there who need to achieve something unachievable, who strives for something unattainable, who yearns for something never theirs, who prefers the abuse than non-recognition ... and they enjoy the nobility of suffering, subconsciously ... because wishing, yearning, unreciprocated love gives them a meaning to struggle through life, though they may think it is meaningless, but the meaning is in the meaningless ... it's like one is always doing something to achieve that unachievable state of happiness, instead of getting there too easily and finding that it is so boring after all. Do these people actually know the value of their own lives? There is so much more things in the world, than to be a little fool.

But then these are just the thoughts of a non-entity in this world. Who cares if you wish to be unhappy?


Re-minisce said...

"So it's not very correct to say 'happy and contented' with single life. That stage is just temporary and highly unstable, and anything may topple that illusion."

that's untrue.
and also, a happy and contented single life is miles better than an unhappy and discontented coupled life.

Re-minisce said...

and not everyone is "unhappy" with their lot. I was quoting someone else (a woman.) and replying in turn to her. the bit about fools was meant to be a joke. :)

I would far rather be happy and alone, than unhappy and chained.

Naturally, happy and coupled is not a disagreeable prospect, but there are, for some of us, very select people with whom those conditions can exist alongside.

Not all of us see the world through your glasses, and not all of us burn to lounge in the bliss of marital life. Some of us have other meanings to life - and not just in making ourselves suffer. :)

Tammy said...

I have to agree with re-minisce on this one. I am much happier single than I was as a couple, even though I look upon those days fondly. And I don't fall apart when I see him. Maybe it's because we still get along and see each other often. Maybe it's because we are both different people now. All I know is that single doesn't mean unhappy any more than married means happy. We are all different.