Monday, July 12, 2004

What's up?

It's a gloomy Monday today. Rain rain rain. And I'm staying in with a bad flu and sore throat. Yeah, it's rather annoying to be blowing my nose all the time. And what else am I doing but clearing my room again? I seemed to be always clearing up my room. As days pass, more papers pile up on the floor, till I'm fed up enough, or free enough, or bored enough to sort through them and either file or discard them away. Reciepts to be checked against bills, magazines to be put aside and truely speaking, I really don't know what lies beneath all that. heh. And now they're spread all over the floor of my room, and I'm taking a break. Then, I will just gather all of them together again and put them on the floor against the shelves again. And only a little bag of rubbish get thrown out. Any wonder why the pile of papers never go away? :P

I don't know how my new place would look like next time. Is it also going to be a mess? :P I sure hope not. heh heh ... I'd like to have shelves running from top to bottom and they'll be filled with books. :) And I promise to be neat. So will my hubby. *nudge nudge* ;)


Books: Just finished reading Disordered Minds by Minette Walters. Very interesting. Here's an interesting quote:

Money. With it, a man could lock his resentments in a box and be the person he wanted to be. Without it, he was nobody.


Was listening to Beethoven's Piano Sonatas earlier. Made my fingers itch. But, I need to clean up my room first ... then revise Japanese. Damn ... better put on Joshua Bell instead. :)

Today's puzzle: 1 min 39 sec. No kick anymore. Probably will play only when experiencing extreme boredom.

I think I need a nap. Music is making me sleepy. :P

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