Sunday, July 11, 2004


After the last few days of non-stop action, sleepless nights and long working hours, I've finally succumbed to the flu. running nose and a sore-throat. And my ridululously many sneezes. Actually, except for the sore-throat, which kinda hurts, I don't really feel different from another day. Just that my nose now leaks instead of getting stuffed. And well, more sneezes. Damn, I can't even get sick properly. :P Still thinking of whether I should take an mc for tomorrow. heh. And I've just taken the little red pill, which is making me feeling woozy now. Just had lunch so will lie down in a while.

I always feel slightly bad when I go and try to get mc from my doc. Okie, just a little, it's getting better ... with practise ... heh. And I try to console myself that I'm not the worst after hearing stories people invent to get mc. At least, I do feel rather sick. *bleah*

medciene taking effect on a full stomach now. zzzzzZZzz

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