Monday, July 12, 2004

An uncharitable thought

This morning while I was waiting at the doc's waiting room, watching the morning programme whatdacalltat, the one which is always on in the morn - it wasn't very crowded but it was a really long wait, an extremely uncharitable thought struck me. I think it might have to do with reading the book which I had just finished or maybe it's just a cruel streak in me all along ... hmm. Well, anyway, it kinda went like that. On the TV were two handicap guys on wheelchairs, one of them was playing the keyboard. The sound on the TV was soft, but I could see that it was rather badly played when they zoomed in on his fingers, and ... I dunno, but the two of them looked kinda uncomfortable. And I thought, why are they on TV? Why are we displaying them like ... well, ... like freaks on show? It wasn't as if they were extremely good with what they are doing or they were enjoying themselves. Perhaps they are just getting on with their lives. Hmm ... how do I put what I felt in words? For a while, I was disgusted by the whole humanity thingy. Do we do charitable things just so it makes us feel good? That us humans are so benevolent and kind and willing to help such people, or that it makes us feel good when these handicap people are able to overcome their disabilities and do something for themselves or ... play a musical instrument? The whole thing seemed extremely hypocritical especially when we are killing each other without blinking our eyes in wars, in murders ... and abuse. And with the sound muted on the TV, the presenter looked so fake and bored, mouthing words without meaning.


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