Monday, July 12, 2004

Self-induging trivials

In the wake of more important things out there, I can't help but write about me self-indulgence. Warning! All small-minded people out there - do not read. :P


Question of the day: Should I rebond my hair or shall I do a ceremic perm?


The last time I did a ceremic perm, (a few months before my rom), my kids did a collective and very audible wow as I walked down the line the day after. It was mighty embarassing ... but a little ... well ... truth be, I was rather pleased. heh heh. Sadly I'm extremely lazy, like a wombat (gosh, I must scan that pic of the wombat one day!), and prefer to stay in my warm bed as long as possible which usually ends up rushing through dressing and make-up, so where got time to do hair also lah! No time to eat breakfast even!! So now my hair is in a state of mess, little matching a nest, and dropping like anything! (The loud Jpop music is scrambling my brains so I do not apologise for incoherence; damn, said music is actually irritating ... next .... ahhh :))

Now, if I were to rebond my hair, I won't even need to comb it in the morning right? What a lovely thought! :) heh ... then again, it'll be FLAT and BORING. *sigh*

So what now?

Next self-indulgent thought: I wish I'm a little taller. ... andprettierandsmarterandslimmer. There ... all out. Oh wait, and perfect eyesight. There ... so sue me. :P (Don't worry dear, if you're reading this ... I'm just self-indulging tonight. :)) Oh .. one more ... and R$CH. heh heh heh

When I was a kid, my older brother had to wear glasses around primary 4 or something. Boy, did I not think it was the coolest thing ever? I also want leh! So what did I do? The most stupid thing ever. I read and read and read till I could feel my eyes got tired and strained. I remembered that so clearly. And of course I got what I wanted soon after. Now, my dear brother did lasik and got almost perfect eyesight (with his lovely eyes and long lashes) and what am I left with? sillyme. And I hate wearing contact lens cos' ... I'm just lazy. heh. And I'm not willing to risk my eyes for anything ... yet. Ah well ... the trials of being vain. :P

Hmmm ... I can't remember what else I want to self-indulge in right now, till the next time I remember then.

... will be continued one day. ;)


Ohh .. actually the above wasn't written by sane boring old me. It was the evil twain. Whatever that means. It must be the flu in the head, which I've ... whoops, spread it to my mom. *bleah*

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