Thursday, July 15, 2004

Shark Attack

There's definitely dried snot in my nose right now. And I'm starting to cough ... and Grandma got it too ... and I forgot what I wanted to blog about. :P Shark attack cos' that's the show on TV right now, which I am not watching, just happened to pass by the TV earlier.

Oh ... I remembered: Did yoga today, but my usual teacher's on leave. Bet she's somewhere in a beautiful island resort enjoying a yoga retreat. *green* Wish I could too. Her disciple took over the class today. She sure got a really great bod to drool over. :P Not like that lah ... no ... heh heh. I need to work harder on yoga. :) Man ... she's strong! And the stuffs she can do. Class was pretty easy. Come on .. it's general class not beginner .. you really don't have to be so kind on us :(. You know girl ... stop complaining. You've just recovered from flu .. be glad she didn't take you for 30 sun salutes. *bleah* I wish I'd dare to do backbends instead of bridge. I missed doing backbends, and only V.S allows us to try if we can. DUH.

Day today was boring as usual. It's rather lonely wandering alone in town. I used to enjoy it, but dunno why nowadays felt quite depressed. All my galfriends are either working ... or doing OT ... or have to rush home to feed the dog. *sigh* Oh dear ... I'm starting to sound boring too. Writing about the day. The boring day. The nice thing is that I went to have cookies n creme at dome above borders today! It was a toss between trying the borders chai or CnC. CnC wins. heh. Wah ... that drink rocks. Definitely my type of drink. Definitely lots of calories as well. :) Definitely not very healthy at all. heh heh. Who cares? ;P

Life is definitely peaceful ... and dull.

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