Friday, July 16, 2004

Cough cough ... hack hack

Wow ... new layout .. cool :)
A lot of people seem to be falling ill these few days. One of my kids had high fever continuously for a week ... now she looked like a skeleton. And someone got HFMD ... and today two more were sent home for high fever. The first time I've ever come across HFMD was in James Herriot's books. Gee ... I thought it was something only for cattles. We're definitely moving towards extinction now. :) And the weather isn't helping. It's really lovely weather to sleep instead of dragging yourself out of nice warm bed and into the rain. I think I do not like to be sick. I feel like sticking my finger down my throat and scratch it. :P And I'm a very bad patient. I hate taking medciene. Hubby rolls his eyes at me and says tis noble to suffer, eh?
On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn't have taken that sinful cookies n creme after all. But it was absolutely hard to resist! :P

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