Wednesday, July 14, 2004

After dinner musings

I think I must have passed the flu to just about everyone else. Mom got it quite bad. She's running a fever. Maybe she got hers at the hospital? Hubby is now sniffing and sneezing away too. But it's his fault for not having enough sleep! My nose is still kinda stuffy and throat feels raw, but I don't think I'm that sick to get mc. :( Oh well.

Played a bit of the piano earlier. Damn, I'm playing Beet's The Tempest first movt allegro as andante. Oh why oh why oh why is it so bloody difficult to 'relearn' a piece? My fingers are no longer obeying my mind!! I need to find some quiet day and sit down and play seriously. Not half-heartedly cos dinner was so late. :P And not when I was hungry. Strange the piano sounded ... old. heh. rrrright.

I think I should stop watching Howl's Moving Castle. It's probably the 100th time I'm seeing it. With its heartwarming music and beautiful characters and so romantic story-line ... oh dear me ... I can't stop watching it over and over again with a silly grin on my face. heh


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