Thursday, July 08, 2004

Of yesterdays and todays


Boy runs out of the classroom, following teacher.

Boy: cher! cher!! (teacher pauses) ...wait! wait! see! I've finished my work! See ... all done already!! (shows paper)

Teacher: (absentmindedly nods) That's good. (smiles, turns to walk away)

Boy: No! Wait! See!! All done!!

(sudden click - remembered that earlier had confiscated the homework of another subject he was doing copying non too discreetly from a classmate's during lesson. Both papers were confiscated.)
Teacher: Ahh ... you were supposed to be doing the holiday assignments which I've asked you to hand in last week!

Boy: But I was doing homework what! I finished this paper already! Gimme back my paper!

Teacher: Nope, you had not handed in the assignments I gave you.

Boy: At least give me back my friend's work! It's not fair for her!

Teacher: You shouldn't have been copying. You can get your work back from Mr.

Boy: But he'll scold ... gimme back!

Teacher shrugs and walks away.

Point of the story: She might be tempted to relent if she heard an apology or at least some remorse. Definitely not spoilt petulant demandings. She didn't like to confiscate objects because the objects would invariably end up in the building of the excellent condo at table or in the wastepaper basket.



And then there are some who are so ya-ya-pa-pa-ya. And refused to do their class-duty, and gave you the 'look' when asked to clean the board please. A smart guy with a bright future who appeared on the national TV. Him and his good friend. When asked if they did class-duty at point blank, slumped onto the chair, hands folded. No, his friend said. What did my friend said? Oh, he said no? Then I'll tell the truth too. No. Eventually the classmates chipped in to clean the dirty room, while the two sat there talking and laughing away with no traces of guilt. What monsters are we bringing up?


A quote from Minette Walters 'Disordered Minds' - an excellent writer!

Among his character traits will be aggressiveness, impulsiveness, self-centeredness, an inability to see another person's point of view and a lack of forward-thinking, all of which will make it difficult for him to understand the consequences of his actions and lead him to act on emotion and whim.

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