Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mixed up. Weekend. My One.

Yesterday it felt like Friday.
Today it feels like Monday.
I'm so grateful the labs are on the same level, at least I didn't have to run up and down hundreds of times, only to and fro. What with my hamstrings aching. Blast the damn ... it was so safe and secure even we could not access. Build a prison and lock everyone out. Then you will be oh so safe. And was that the point? I say, rather ridiculous, what?
And a bloody waste of time.
and energy.
I have the tickets to Woman in Black. yippee :) Can't wait for the weekend. Lots of nice things happening. I have a couple of dates with hubby. *grins*. But I have to live through tomorrow first, and definitely not looking  forward to it; the prospect of another long drawn meaningless time-consuming WOMBAT meeting (that stands for Waste of Money, Brains and Time ... rather silly since wombats are actually cute!) is really not something I want to think of right now.

Hubby got his own blog up too. I'm amazed and impressed by the way he writes. Even though they're only rants. There's another side of him that I seldom see. :) :) :) ... love him, you know. :) It's strange to read his writings. We never did email to each other much.
Sometimes I know I'm irritated with him ... but the feelings don't last long. Somehow I can never get angry with him. We complement each other very well. He gets lost, I read maps. I can't park, he growls. He stays calm and explodes occasionally ... I yell most of the time and forgets fast. He's good at languages, I'm more logical. I am impatient and thinks fast, he takes his time to settle his thoughts. He talks shares, I fall asleep. :P I know sometimes he's irritated with me too, especially when I park or pronounce words wrongly. But it's all about patience ... and understanding, isn't it? And not losing it.
I remember once a long time ago I was so angry with him ... and hurt, and I was prepared not to have anything to do with him anymore ... and PM spoke to me. It was quite amazing actually, till today when I think of it. I never mentioned to her that I was upset and we had a quarrel, but she sensed it somehow and she said some things ... which I can never remember now, but it's carved somewhere ... but the words she said suddenly made everything so clear. And I realised ...

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