Friday, July 30, 2004

Adagio Pianissimo

Meeting ended surprisingly early today. I hurriedly called up the pedi to make an appointment but all fully booked. Damn. So another boring Friday evening at home. *yawn* Maybe not so boring, planning to watch Naruto when hubby gets back later.
I. Bored. Read what my friends wrote about me in Friendster. I think they are too nice. I don't think I am what they say. I'm just very impatient and suffer from hyperactivitiness, so I like doing many things ... though all half-baked. If I am so smart like what they say, I wouldn't be where I am now, would I? *laughs*
Have been feeling rather tired and listless these few days, and moving in slow motion. My hamstrings still ache a bit from all that yoga. Espeically tiring to climb up and down stairs. I used to run up two steps at all times usually, but today definitely weighed down by gravity ... and I'm even dragging my feet to class, clutching my pillow and not wanting to let go. *sniff* It's definitely one of those days to lie in bed all day and not do anything. :P
Okie, enough of the whinning ... gonna give myself a good nice hot soak and ... maybe play the piano? famous last words. *grins*
Nope, not playing the piano. The urge to do so has passed. I'm so ... sianz tonight. Dunno why too. I got a feeling I've read before Agatha Christie's The Murder at the Vicarage. There seems to be a familiarity about it. I've already got a sneaky suspicion of the murderer. Let's see if I'm right at the end. *sigh* that means I'm still going to read the book. Hubby reads books by flipping to the middle and starts reading from there. Maybe I should just flip to the end and find out who the murderer is. The last two AC books I've also seemed to have read them before. Hmmm ...
Hubby's back. Feeling much better immediately!! :) :) A person's presence can really play an important function!

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