Saturday, July 03, 2004

The second time I drove the car on my own, it didn't have the excitment as the first time round. It was still a little heart thumping as I drove to work, but totally zilch on the way back. Well, at least I wasn't grinning broadly like an idiot this time. Definitely more calm now. heh. Oh well ... parking wasn't too great too, perhaps that counted for it ... but as the saying goes: familiarity breeds comtempt. Or maybe it's just that I'm feeling -- today. Someday it's / .. someday it's \ ... today is definitely --. :X

Even the thought of keeping a blog feels --. Oh my little boring life. I'm losing it today. *sigh*

Don't even feel angry enough to write about something which happened yesterday. All went *puff* in a smoke. Another time then.

booorrriinng ... *yawn*

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