Friday, July 02, 2004

Bounce ... bounce

Nowadays I feel like a yo-yo. One day high, another day low. Yesterday was high, today is low. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep, but I managed about seven hours of sleep! I shouldn't be complaining about lack of sleep then. But I'm just feeling so tired and drained at the end of the week. The world may have become more high-tech, but are the people more happy than in the past? Or have we become more overworked and more stressed?


Was reading about the Fibonanci numbers and golden ratio this morning in the library. Unfortunately they don't allow us to take the magazine out. But hardly anyone reads this magazine! Humf. And now the library is out of bounds. Damn. *sigh*


I'm so utterly sick of the quiz. Changes after changes after changes. And it especially irked me since I've just photocopied ten sets. What a waste of paper! Grrrrrrr. And now more changes again. Damnit. You're most welcome to do the quiz yourself. Thank you very much.


It's times like this when I feel like a yo-yo that I'm so glad for my hubby. It's times like this when I feel so lucky to have something solid and stable in my life. :) It's times like this that I truely understand and appreciate the meaning of marriage and having someone. :) No matter how strong we can be, sometimes we just need another person to be there for us. I'm glad I have one. And I must always remember to cherish what I have.

Sometimes when I ask Wen why she would not settle down with her bf, the impression she gave me was that she didn't want to and that both of them are happy the way they are. There are responsibilities one has to carry when one marries, and they don't want that responsibility. I wonder how true it is for many people out there, or if they take the responsibility of being married lightly, thus usually ending up in a divorce. I wonder how anyone can take marriage lightly. Although we have not gone through the traditional wedding yet (is there actually a need to??), I think the vows we made during the registration and the vows we have deep in our hearts are true enough and nothing else really does matter. Anyway, speaking of wedding dinner ... I don't see why there is a need to. Stupid lawyer that time told us since we have not registered for the marriage yet, we must show receipt of wedding dinner as proof that we are going to marry when we were purchasing our apartment. What a dodo! That lawyer really pissed me off .. but that's another story. heh.

It's true that marriage is about sacrifices and not about selfishness. A friend once told me to marry the guy you cannot do without. Hmm, I was thinking, marry the guy you want to spend your whole life with, the guy whom you want to cook dinner for him everynight, the one you want to wake up every morning and make breakfast for him, wash and iron his clothes and take care of him when he's sick or down. The one you want to laugh with together and walk along the beach hands in hands. The one whom you can complain to about your day what crap it all was and him listening to patiently. Well, make that listening to with one ear ... heh ... but that's what I think it's all about. It's just so simple. Why make life so complicated?


I'm still at work, but my brain has totally shut down now.

Today's puzzle: 4 min 52 seconds. I think I'm getting the hang of it. :)

I'm sitting in a precarious position right now. All those files and papers and books on the condo above my head may drop down any moment. I had heavy files fall on me before when I opened the cupboard I shared with my colleague. Her files, as a matter of fact, and it gave me a few blue-blacks. It's no wonder I always feel stressed here. :P


10 deep breaths = 1 cure ... for hiccups. :) That's how wonderful my hubby can be sometimes. Though I thought it was rather strange for pple to seek professional help with hiccups. Hmmm ... isn't it like ... a known fact? :P

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