Sunday, July 04, 2004

Love is ...

actually 80% companionship. :)

That's what I think.

Read somewhere that someone said if one wants companionship, one can get that from a friend or even a puppy. A long time ago, that was what I thought so too. But ... now I realised how wrong it is. You can't get companionship from a friend or a puppy. That companionship is just too superficial. And a pup? The poor little dog doesn't even understand you! It just appears to be so. The dog can't talk back to you and there's so many things it can't do.

Loving someone is enjoying the company he/she gives. We do so many things together, from learning Japanese to watching moves etc. I wonder if I would ever do all these things on my own. What would the Japanese lesson be like without him? Who would have said crazy things in class and cracked me up with laughter? Like ... when teacher was teaching us the Japanese word for colours ... red, he said: (katakana) re-do. Teacher said, yes ... wow, I was so really impressed and so was everyone in the class! Then teacher said, but actually it is akai. heh. And so many other little things. The times when we do things together and trying to compete with each other. Like ... heh, finishing the homework. :P Who would have laugh at the things I say and taught me to blade? Who would have listened patiently to the first few cheesy bars of the Chopin's Schezo again and again, when he'd have liked to pull his hair out when I try to sing the tune to him? heh.

What would love be if you don't enjoy the company, if you don't do things together. If you come home every night just to sleep, or if you spend your weekends doing your own things because else there's no time for yourself? Perhaps that's why people are growing apart from one another. The lack of companionship. They become strangers living under a roof, trying to make ends meet so that they'll be able to afford the house, the car, etc. I hope I'll never end up like that.


3rd installment of the story 'stars and moon' is out. damn funny. subtly insulting. greatly cynical. provokingly descriptive. Hmmm, Jean is a guy's name in French. I wonder ...


Today's (Saturday actually) puzzle: 2 min 25 sec. heh .. another easy one. :)

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