Monday, July 26, 2004

I'm sorry

Oh dear ... I can't help but gloat a little. I did mention the problem it was going to cause, but they reassure me that they had made changes and everything was going to be all right. Really. I guess it's a little my fault for not looking through it completely and finding out completely about it, and making a big fuss of it. But then again, it wasn't my problem at all, as in I wasn't affected at all, and I was already feeling quite a busybody when I told them about it. I guess I should have brought it up to HOD but she was quite elusive those few times and I forgot about it after telling them and them saying everything was all right. Now it is indeed screwed up.*laughs* ... It's funny in a way ... I know I shouldn't be gloating, but I really felt like saying, 'I told you all already! And you pple screwed up!'
Lesson learnt #11243: Never assume anything, even if the person involved is senior to you.
Actually it was rather amazing how nobody 'saw' the problem. Especially the people involved. I guessed if I had been more kaypoh and less involved with my own work, I would have realised it? Hindsight is always ... nice.
Ah well ...
Now, one of them is no longer around, and other one just says, 'it's not my fault! it's not my fault!' DUH. Of course you are equally at fault. I told them both. And you kept saying everything was all right. I feel sorry for her now. And it's also my fault for not insisting and telling her. :(
I really dislike thoughtless people. And people who are so blur about everything. humf.

Okie, now this is really my fault. I have a niggling sense for some time already that something like this might happen, but I didn't do anything about it, like ask around or find out more. Since no one said anything, I didn't voice out my doubts. So ... problem happened. Why was I not surprised? *laughs* I am becoming just as irresponsible and bochup. I guess I'm just so ... tired nowadays.

Lesson learnt #13224: Never never assume anything at all! And the type of questions asked is very important. People cannot read your mind. *Sigh*

I remembered that time I asked, 'Does it matter which labs we used?' or something like that. It wasn't a problem, all the labs should be equipped. Great, so I went ahead and did what I have to do, and ASSUME that everything was okie.

Ah well ...

Not a very nice Monday at all.

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