Saturday, July 24, 2004

Notes to self.

Things I have done:
Tidy up the room today. Threw out 5 bags of stuffs. Room's still very cluttered though. Can't be helped. Hubby has lots of stuffs too. All his journals and magazines and handouts and whatnots. And he keeps getting new ones every month. Gosh, does he need to keep every single one and for how long? I need to revamp the filing system soon. Once we get our new place and build some cupboards and filing cupboards. And I can put everything neatly away and we'll probably not look at them until we grow old. :P
That took the whole day. Was planning to go out ... but.
Things I have yet to do.
Catch The Woman in Black. My friend caught it in London a long time ago and she told me all about it. Said it was the most frightening play she'd seen. No wonder she wasn't scared of The Ring, which I was. Extremely. Covered myself throughout the whole movie and almost asked her to accompany me home that time. heh.
Things I want to do now.
Read my book and sleep. be continued.

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