Thursday, July 01, 2004


I saw a rainbow today, a little snippet of it ... falling from the clouds :)

Isn't it amazing, how sometimes when one sees something, that image is forever burnt in one's memory? Here are a few memories which will forever be in my mind, whenever I want to bring it up ... actually there are a lot :P ... but here's a few worth thinking about right now :)

1. The image of a full rainbow I saw once upon a time in the MRT, in the North line ... if I'm not wrong, it's actually the stop between ... erm, after Choa Chu Kang? Or was it after Kranji? One of those long distance stop, and the rainbow was seen in its full glory, from end to end, all the colours clear and distinct. I bet there were happy little turtles flying around the rainbow to catch the beautiful colours and probably playing 'catch' as well. :)

2. The image of a leafless tree in the foreground, with the rich melting gold sunset in the backgroud. The tree was totally black against the golden skies, just a simple crooked silhouette. I stood at the opposide side of the road and took in the view, letting the whole image into my being. That was a totally priceless experience. Beautiful.

3. The first time I saw my dear hubby. :P We passed each other by the corridor. I remembered him coming down to watch one of my chess tournaments and I felt quite touched by the gesture. Although I think I've already finished the game, (damn, did I win?) and was planning to go off soon. Which actually made me felt quite bad to go off so soon. And that was also the beginning of a friendship. Although, at that time we didn't really like each very other much ... heh heh. I could never have imagined today then :)


Today's puzzle: 2 mins 12 sec. Rather an easy one. :)


I feel alive. To be alive is to do exciting things. To feel the energy running through you as you rush to complete procastinated work. The guilt and the urgency to complete what needs to be done is the best drug to make your heart beat faster and to feel rejuvenated. Coupled that with classes non-stop for four and a half hours and a video-taping observation, it sure beats any day. Really! Perhaps it was the twenty or so sun saluation I did just now plus the handstand as well. heh ... Or perhaps it was the beautiful little sweet rainbow. Or simply just everything actually. Or perhaps because I felt so awful and down yesterday ... who knows? :)

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