Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Updates 1 - Trips

I haven't been writing for a long time, but I just got sidetracked a lot. Mom went to Perth and she complained that she was bored to death. I told her why then did she go there for one whole week? *rolls eyes* And she bought me raw macademia nuts (when I specifically asked only for honey roasted ones). So what am I going to do with 1 and a half bags of nuts when they're going to expire end of this month? Mom got herself 2 bags of that too. She said her sisters all said the raw ones were better (of course they were also cheaper!). I guess I'll have to honey roast them myself soon.

Then the parents went Hong Kong & Macau after that and I was really left without any help. Parenting sure is a crazy thing. We'll talk about that later. Apparently they went to some nice high class restaurant, but they didn't enjoy a 100% of it, because there was no dim sum. The brother complained to me later that there wasn't any dim sum for dinner, and I went like huh, when was there ever any dim sum for dinner? And they ended up didn't order much because everything was like so ex. Yep, that is my brother for you. Such poor planning. *rolls eyes again*

I guess overall they had fun there, except that the parents were complaining that their hotel was so ex (holiday surcharge what, what did they expect, going during such times), and it was very crowded, and everything was very ex. *sigh* The brother who wanted to go HK to shop for stuffs ended up not able to buy anything. So what did he expect?! Quality comes with a price. My father complained that they ended up accompanying him through lots and lots of shopping but did not buy anything. Yep, that is definitely my brother. Hahaha. Good grief.

Be zen, I just listened and smile, and leave my thoughts here.

After that the parents went on a cruise. That, they had fun. I packed my son with them and he had fun too. And so did I, I'll write about that later. Yep, all the eat and sleep and casino and eat and sleep and doing nothing. And they're going again this weekend. Yep, the son is going too. *grins*

Hubby asked me if I felt guilty sending the son away like that, but I guess it's a break for both of us. He enjoyed himself and I could spend more time with the daughter. We went to have fun together and shopped together. Darn, my girl loves to shop too. You should see the way she chooses what she wants to buy. And her very pleased look when you pass her the loot in a shopping bag! Definitely like her mummy! :)

But at the end of the shopping trip, the son ended up with quite a lot of goodies. I bought him one sticker book, two pairs of chopsticks (the ones with the fingerholes), and a 'board' game. The daughter ended up with one toy phone only, and Auntie Min's present of the teacup set, which the son is now hogging it for himself. It's not that I'm being bias here, but whatever I buy for the daughter will end up with the son, and whatever I buy for the son will be what the daughter will like. LOL.

Parents are planning for more trips. China in November, Japan in Feb (CNY), maybe we'll close and go with them, and mom is planning to go somewhere in March. They have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. And me the sour grapes me who can't go anywhere will always complain to my mom that when I was still young and single, she didn't allow me to travel. Humf.

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