Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few thoughts.

30 minutes of exercise: 12 minutes on the stationary bicycle, 10 minutes on the strider, and the rest of time on the treadmill.

One packet of chili potato chips, one cup of full cream fresh milk.

I don't think I'm getting anywhere. Nope.

Am going to call in the contractor to do up some reno. Let's hope the quote isn't too much.

The son made the grandma climb up and down eleven flights of stairs the other day. All fine for the son, but the grandma has to carry the granddaughter ... ouch.

Everyone's cholesterol is high. Mine is still good. Heh. So have to cook healthier food for everyone else. Tried mushroom soup, tasted okay, but too mushroomy. And buttons are quite strong smelling. Tried celery soup. Yum!

Son went to bed without dinner tonight. He told me he was very tired and very hungry. I underestimated him, thought he would just sleep for a couple of hours and wake up for dinner. Still snoozing away ...

Too many mangoes equal one super painful tongue.

One super painful tongue can still eat chilli hot potato chips. Am I cool or what? Ouch ouch ouch ...

That's why the one cup of cold fresh milk.

Daughter's vocab has expended: dark dark when it's dark. And a lot more words which sound like what they are, but somehow still a bit off.

Nope, she isn't into Hermes. And I'm avoiding the evil duo and their Hermes. Heh. Waaaayyy to ex. Am not going back to work yet. But I will get a wallet when I go back to work!

BTW, did anyone catch the news one channel newsasia a while ago? They actually showed a penis on national television! A naked one! Dangling on a scope. For a few long seconds!

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casiewbao said...

*roll eyes*

wonder who are the evil duo and their hermes