Sunday, June 29, 2008

One can never be prepared enough

So you thought you're all ready? The bag is packed, the nesting is done, work is completed, and you don't want to go back to work. And the waiting is just mind-numbing. And I'm putting on too much weight! And the cramps are just annoying. So in we went, and out she came. Finally.

25th June, a nice day to remember. The first thought was that, Whoops, she's dark! And she has lots of hair! Hubby is the kind who would count toes and fingers and check the ears are there. He was pretty worried because of all the bleeding in between, but I thought things were pretty cool right up to the end. My girl cried almost immediately and opened her eyes almost afterwards. And she's into the milk business two hours later. I always felt that my boy didn't take on to breastfeeding so easily because he was fed milk when he was brought into ICUC despite my insistance that he gets only breastmilk. Humf.

Anyway, so even if you're ready, my mom was not. Huh, so fast? That's her first reaction. *sigh* Anyway we don't really subscribe to the confinement foody thingy. All my mom cooks for me everyday is simply normal fare, except that she'll add more ginger and sesame seed oil. Pork and vege or fish, maybe chicken. Pork rib soup or herbal chicken soup. No prawns, no other seafood. And I don't feel so tired or in pain as the last time. Most likely because this time round, I'm popping the painkillers like water. It makes a whole world of difference when there is less pain. I was up and jumping like anything, and only when the painkiller wears off do I realise that I wouldn't have that much energy if I'm in pain.

Proper pain management is a very important thing.

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