Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Whinings

If you click on the link to my very dear girlfriend's blog, you'll see a link to my blog under YP's whinings. Yep, I'm going to whine a lot. That's why one blogs right? To whine, because there's no one else to whine to. I bet Holly likes to whine a lot, and poor Biscuit has to be all ears for her.

Anyway, Whine no. 1. Mom disappeared off home with the big baby aka my son, and will not be back tonight. The difference between now and two and a half years ago when she does the confinement thingy for me is that she left me the maid. And dinner. I guess I'd better pop in more of those efficient painkillers tonight again. I think these painkillers are really good. They make you feel good, despite the pain all over. Today is only Day 4. Less than a week. Neighbour says she stays in bed for ONE whole week. Mom says I should stay in bed for one whole week too, but half-heartedly. Well, we can see how impossible it is when I'm all alone.

Whine no. 2. My nipples hurt like hell. But I'm still breastfeeding directly. Because pumping out requires: Step 1. Going down and storing milk in fridge. 2. Getting ready bottles = walking up and down stairs again. 3. Warming up milk = walking up and down stairs, and time needed while baby cries. 4. Feeding baby. 5. Washing and sterlising bottles = walking up and down stairs. I guess I can get the maid to do it, but I'd rather do baby things myself, and besides, it's rather tiring to yell for her all the time too. I still need to go down and oversee what she does. *sigh*

Whine no. 3. Hey, where are my birthday presents and birthday treat? *sob sob*

Whine no. 4. I want to go shopping. Didn't get to go at all!

Whine no. 5. I am working too hard and I am don't feel appreciated.

Whine no. 6. I want to go shopping. Got sale. :(

Whine no. 7. ...

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