Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life's like that

I haven't been blogging for a long time already, I wonder if anyone still comes to my blog. Life simply caught up with me, all that work and stress and being a mummy. It's really not easy being a working mother, and I've decided that my children are going to be more precious than anything else.

It seems that my workload is extra heavy this year, even though they know that I'm expecting my second one. I'm not complaining, because it's not a big deal really. But I'm super pissed when my request not to do so much climbing stairs was turned down and inevitably a cause of my predicament now. Now I understand what politics is all about. Till now no one has called me to find out what happened to me. Except for one and it was work-related. Oh well, I guess I don't need that either.

So here I am, growing grass around my ears. I'm considering bringing my stuffs here to do, but those papers are rather important, and I don't want them to be moving around too much. Otherwise I'll need my work laptop to do real work, but there's no one I can think of to go down and pick the lock for me and bring it here for me. Was actually planning to get a good rest for two weeks and go back to do work, but my precious baby thinks otherwise. Everyone is very nice here, and I'm eating like a pig, not only the three square meals, but food from home, and sometimes begging my parents or hubby to get some dim sum for me to satisfy my cravings. Heh.

Plans went awry though, was planning to try out some Chinatown dim sum with PM and maybe Min, was planning to go Sentosa with my boy on Sunday, and the sale is on! But for now, I'll just lie quietly, watch animes, do light work on the bed and eat. :)

Things I'm impressed with my dear boy:

When I asked my boy a question in the negative form and change the same question into a positive form, he understands both and answers them consistently! Wow, I'm impressed.

Eg. You don't want this one right? - Yes. Do you want this? - No.

He talks non-stop and likes to tell stories.

He fed me my medicine. He said to me: Mummy, I hold the medicine for you. You drink water first, Mm. Then you open your mouth. And he pops the medicine into my mouth. Aaahmmm. And he gave me the sweetest smile possible.

Although the last time his hand was a bit wet and the antibiotic tasted awful after that. Euuugh.

He: Mummy Mummy! How's the walk, Mummy!
Me: Very nice, dear.
He: Mummy Mummy! Ask me how's the walk!
Me: How's the walk, darling?
He: Very nice, Mummy! *beamz*

We passed by the zoo, and he cried because he wanted to go to the zoo.

When he wakes up and opens his eyes and he sees both his mummy and daddy by his side, he smiles the most wonderful smiles every possible.

I love him so.


And yes, I missed him so.

His eyes sparkle with happiness when I give him chocolates. He says: I promise to wipe teeth! I told him to be a good boy and stay with ah gong and ah ma, and he bounces from side to side saying: I will! I will!

And he says in the sweetest voice ever possible: Mummy I love you!


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