Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hungry Hungry

Staying in bed all day makes one think of food. Now I have a craving for the Goodwood Park Hotel Durian Roll. Hmmm .... too bad, there isn't anyone who can get out there and buy for me. *sniff*

Home is definitely more comfy. There's music, when one's bored, there's work, and the bed is definitely most cozy. Of course, the downside is that I have to supervise my own meals, otherwise it'll turn out awful, like I went down yesterday and found that the maid did not turn up the heat on the oven when she roasted my chicken. Gah, she almost spoiled my lunch! I'm an extremely fussy eater. And of course, nobody will come and visit me at home, and the last of Min's chocolate was in my tummy a long way back. Heh heh. Still, one can't really complain since home is still the best.

The son has been banished to his grandparents, who take such delight in having him, that he has completely forgotten about his poor mummy who still misses him. It can't be helped, he's too energetic and everytime after spending time with him, things aren't too good for me. Don't wanna end up in the hospital again. My doc says I'm like a timebomb and I've got a feeling she's going to want me to induce again next week, but I'm so enjoying my holidays! It's rather bad to get baby out when she's still preterm ya?

So just lying in bed and listening to music, doing a bit of work here and there, and hoping for two more weeks of bliss.

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