Saturday, July 14, 2007

The wheels on the bus goes round and round ...

So I have this piece of music going round and round in my head. Schubert Piano Sonata in A minor. At least it's better than my boy's children's music going round and round in my head!

Eversince the first time I heard it, and saw it being played (by Nodame) I just fell in love with it. Managed to get my hands on the sheet music, and am wondering when I'll get to try it out. The last time I did, my boy quickly ran up to me, and started demanding that he 'sit here! sit here!' too, and 'Mummy go away!', trying to push me off my seat.

Maybe later, he's still asleep. :)

The things my boy says nowadays:
'Excuse me! Go away!' and he tries to push you off your seat
'Hand, go away!' and he tries to slap your hand off from holding him
'Ah Gong eat what?' Last night, he saw his Ah gong munching something, he actually asked that!
And lots of other stuffs. He's very chatty for a nineteen month old.

Last weekend we went to eat at Le Maison (spelling?) at the new Central (Soho?) place. It's a kind of fusion Japanese place, my younger brother said. I thought it was French infused Japanese. Anyway, food was really good. I love it, except that portion was rather small. Was still a bit hungry. Not too expensive too. Nice, can go back again. I remember the last time Wen and I had French. Portions were really small. *shrug*

Oh well, I think I'd better get some housework done before everyone wakes up!

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