Sunday, November 05, 2006

Poo talk , baby talk, girl talk

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of baby dearest. He's still as cute and naughty as ever, or cuter and naughtier as he could be, so much so that I didn't have the opportunity to take photos of him. We went swimming, climb stairs (him), walking around the estate (him again, holding on to my hands) etc, and many more precious moments together. Now he knows to clap his hands when we ask him to, and can do high-fives easily too. He knows to look for the key, when we say key, and to look for the cat, when we say cat. His eyes grew huge when he saw a Siberian greyhound(?) the other day, and he reached out his hands eagerly, so we 'chased' after the owner and her dog - the mummy huffing and puffing while carrying her ten kilo baby. Yep, time to introduce him to Holly and Bis. I wonder who would be more afraid of whom?

Baby dearest is a big boy now. His poo is also extremely smelly and big and lots of them. That's what my father said today. Of course it would be lots, he had one week's worth of poo stuck inside him! Jolly good I wasn't around to be the recipient. Heh heh. :P My parents grumbled that they needed a potty but there wasn't one, so they put him on the WC, and both of them went ah..mmmMMmm.MmmmmMmmm..mmMMmmMmmm together with him. I can imagine my dear boy's face turning all red. :P Back where I was with hubby dearest, we were actually discussing whether to give him an enema and some medicine if he didn't poo today. I bet he heard us loud and clear and quickly did his business before we got his hands on him! Hahaha. :P

Gotta monitor the poo situation carefully. Mustn't wait for one week's worth of poo to accumulate! Now that we've got the medicine and enema ready, no problem! Baby's poo, here we come!

Sorry Xena, no photos of poo this time. :X

I took a break and went off window shopping in the afternoon. Met up with Wen, the only friend who happened to be in town. Caught some gossip about some people she knew, which was funny as hell, and incredible as anything, shared a lovely fruit tart and carrot cake - all things which I've not been able to do since the arrival of baby dearest. I wished I could bring baby out shopping with me, like I see some young mothers and their babies, but they have their girlfriends or husbands with them, and I don't think it's still very wise for me to bring baby dearest out on my own. Besides I had to rush back to help hubby at night, so no baby, too bad.

The window shopping turned out to be rather expensive as I spied a pretty pair of ear-rings back at where I always get my ear-rings. Heh heh heh.

All in all, the walk and chat and shop did lift my spirits much and hey, you know what, I can face the coming week much better now! :) Wished I had some friends I could just call and crap about how bad the day is, but things don't always work the way we want to. Nowadays the only people I get to sms are my students (exams!! oh horrors) and the only people I get to talk/joke with are the shop boutique sales assistants (if I ever go out). And come to think of it, it's kinda relaxing and fun being with Wen because she tells really funny stuffs which makes me laugh. I don't think any of my other girlfriends do that (besides PM sometimes perhaps, though now she's just full of angst and stress and can be quite incoherent!) The other person was the ex-schoolmate who prattled on with her funny and interesting life experiences . OH man .... I'm so in need of someone telling me funny stuffs!

Life gets boring if there's nothing to laugh at.

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