Saturday, November 11, 2006

My crybaby

The aircon is leaking again, the clothes are still in the soak and the dishes are only three quarters done. My dear crybaby is rummaging through the wastepaper basket and pulling out rubbish and literally throwing them all over the floor. You should have seen him go through his diaper bag. One diaper ... weee .... throw to the right. Another diaper ... whooosh ... throw to his left. Right left right left until everything is emptied. I swear he even turned the bag upside down to make sure nothing was left. Nope, not going to let him has his way with the wastepaper basket! It's almost full! Smack his little hands.

So my crybaby koked himself on the windowpane and looked at me and baaaawled. Mummy just looked back at where she was and smiled at him. Earlier on, I had successfully put him to sleep and wanted to do some housechores. In less than fifteen minutes, the crybaby woke up and baaaaaawled his head off. I raced upstairs (after taking my time) and found him sitting up in bed and crying his poor little eyes out. Wah lao eh. Like he was being abandoned or something. Duh. I sat on the bed besides him and he stopped crying. I stepped out of the room to the toilet and he started again. Duh. I took a washcloth to clean his face and returned to the toilet and he started howling again. That is why I'm now sitting here typing away while he's looking out at the window and the rain. I guess if I walked out of the room he's going to start crying again. *slaps forehead*

So the laundry's still not done, the kitchen is still in a mess, and the bloody aircon is leaking (on my clothes so I had even more clothes to wash). It's a gloomy day and the sky is pouring. I didn't buy my 6 tubs of hazgan daz ice-cream yesterday when they were on sale. Baaaaawwwl. :(

On a nicer note, we finally managed to meet up and had the most delicious crabs last night. Even baby joined in the fun. He was sooo hyperactive and oh-so-cute. Simply irresistable eh? Anyone else wants to come and help nanny him? ;P Like NOW.

Maybe some fedac might do the trick. Besides his poor little nose is running too. *sigh*

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