Sunday, October 01, 2006

My time is mine

Only early in the mornings or late at nights, when baby sleeps soundly with hubby. Only at such time can I do things for myself.

In the mornings, I would quickly do the laundry (that was yesterday!), clear the house, or bathe. Today I read some blogs, write my blog, and will have to clear the study room soon. Perhaps I should get some exercise too before I feel sleepy again. :P

Sometimes I wonder where all my friends have gone too. All work and study and no one to play with. Yesterday, I took baby and myself off to town to shop and walk. Stictly speaking, I wasn't alone then. We visited the bookshop and I got myself a cookbook: Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking. And got hubby a car magazine. Yep, finally spent Min's bday present! :) Thanks Min! :) :)

I also bumped into an ex-classmate with her hubby and baby took that time to wake up and cry. Or rather, when they made faces at him, he started crying. Heh. I didn't have too much time to spend in the bookstore, so I couldn't really browse through all the books properly and choose a good cookbook and it's always a problem to find out which cookbooks are good. Wonder if Wen got any good ones, must go look at her collection first. Heh, at least can browse in the comfort of her room, with only her dogs poking their cute little noses at me. :P

After that I fed my dear baby and we went to watch a fashion show. That was the main purpose for going out yesterday. We were late and couldn't get good seats, so ended up standing by the side. That was the first time I've ever attended their fashion show, they always invited me, but I never could find the time. Well, the whole thing was quite informal ... wasn't glam or anything like that. The models all looked the same, tall skinny, brown long hair, wavy, fair skin, sharp features. All mixed I think. Well, I guess when one is tall and skinny, ahem, I mean slim ... whatever clothes one wears looks good. Besides I didn't quite like the autumn-winter collection as everything was black black and black.

Anyway, baby and I had fun. :) I packed some sushi home and put baby to sleep, so that I could wash the clothes. I poured out some sake but had only one bite of my dinner before baby woke up and cried. So off he went standing at the coffee-table wreaking the place while I had my dinner in peace. :P

Just another quiet Saturday spent.

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