Friday, August 18, 2006

Challenge of the geekette

Sometimes it really takes one a kick in the ass to get going.

Damn, do I sound like a donkey or what? Sheesh.

Okie, all that requires now is proof-reading and working out the answers. It's that simple really. I guess I was spoilt rotten previously. Now I know how nice they were, and how not nice they are.

Anyway, I shall send out resumes for a new job. I must believe in myself, know what I'm capable of doing and go and do what I want! Yeah.

I missed having friends whom I can really talk to.

Anyway, Bees and Wees had passed me the last of the trilogy. It's a good thing the weekend is coming up. More sleepless nights. But after such brain power drain now, it's hard to get to sleep too.

Another job for myself: I've printed out my source code and will spend some time figuring out which is which and hopefully I can learn some html or whatever it is called now and work on a new something. Hey, it shouldn't be too difficult huh? Wish I got some photoshop tools though. Must learn to take nicer photos too.

Yep, these are the little things that one can look forward to. :) Reminds me of PM.

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