Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly

Fever, chills and body aches. What could be worse? I still have that blasted irritating headache which cannot be shaken off. And throw in an extremely stiff neck. Xena, now I know how you feel! I'm doing neck rolls whenever I can and I've two koyok on each side of the neck. The pain hit me especially bad this morning when the panadol finally wore off and I found that I was no longer running a temperature. It's rather tempting to pop in two more actually. My headache is still there, but it's at the back of the head. Stabs me evilly whenever I make sudden movements. People who never experience headaches will never understand how bad a migrane-type of headache can be.

I swear being pregnant is so much easier. Now with baby out, I'd rather have him in. heh heh.

Last night baby didn't want to sleep and he wanted to be entertained. I was still running on drugs and needed my sleep. Good thing Mom had coffee and was wide awake. So the two of them kept company. When baby finally fell asleep, mom put him on my side of the bed, taking up like two-thirds of my side of the bed. So I was left with just a tiny space and couldn't much move. It's no wonder my neck is hurting like hell now. Humf. And my left side is so much more painful than my right. I think I know why. double Humf. Dear hubby 'massaged' my left side the other time and really dug his fingers in. I think he had damaged some nerves there. *triple humf* That is why I have to go back to my own therapist. You just can't expect amatuars to get things done properly.


Okie, so I was in quite a bad mood, until my neighbours came over to say hi and to see baby. Talking with them cheer me up somewhat, because it's company. I guess being confined at home all day and not having any company bogs me down. It's good to be able to talk to some people who sympathise with what it's like to breastfeed and to have kids. Well, at least baby will have many kids his age to run around with when he grows up.

Damn, my neck hurts so much. Grrrrr.

Dear baby, my dearest baby peed all over himself while I was changing his diapers this afternoon. Had to lift his butt up to clean him and he took the chance to pee. And all the liquid went a twinkling down onto his belly. Had to change his shirt and clean him up again. And when I took another closer look, I found little droplets of pee on his head. And why was my dear dearest baby smacking his lips?


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