Monday, November 28, 2005

For myself only.

Finally! My holiday officially starts today. Well, at least it feels that way! It was supposed to be last week, but what with conducting workshops and all that ... humf. And of course being able to wake up in the morning and breathe properly!! Heh, it just feels great! :)

Of course I might be going back for some stuffs, but that can wait ... till I feel like it. Then again, do I really want to make a trip back? *bleah*

Anyway, this is what I've been waiting for. Being able to idle at home all by myself. The whole place to me!! Neat, clean, everything's in order :) And all the free time too! I could try out a few new recipes, go for yoga, learn a few new pieces, pick up new hobbies and basically do all sorts of things. Unfortunately, there's a big watermelon involved right now, and it kinda cramps the style. *sigh*

Oh well. Perhaps things were meant to be like that. Damn, I haven't had so much fun for so long. Now, the trick is to plan, plan and plan. To do the most amount of things in the least amount of time, and enjoy it. Lovely weather today ... will swim. :P

I wonder where has Joan gone to. I would have like to learn Shadow Yoga after all this under her. *sigh*


It is just getting a little hotter. And as such, one's resolve droops just a little. What could be done? Perhaps Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 could build in a little cheer in the step. :) Yup, there's always Mozart. Always reminds me of the time when we went to the KLCC to listen to Ashkenazy and the London Philharmonic. Still the best. The first time is always the best. The most impressive. And I've got his big signature all scrawled on my box-set. heh heh.

Perhaps in a while's time I shall go and thaw a bit. Or perhaps I shall practise Chopin's Fantansie Impromptu. Ahhhh .. that horrible piece. I got it straight and now all forgotten. It did impress dearest hubby quite a bit when I could play it. Me? I do so love to be appreciated. :P

And what's it going to be for lunch and dinner today? Still planning ... still planning... arrgh.


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