Monday, November 28, 2005

The Bonkers Dating Game

Read this in an article:

He expects you to pay your half of the meal, share the parking fee and even split the cost of condoms.

If it's a first meeting, I guess it's pretty fair to go dutch. Afterall, you might or might not ever want to meet each other again. Then again, I always felt that if the guy asked the gal out, he should be the one paying. Gal should offer though. And if it's a long standing relationship, perhaps it would be nice to take turns paying.

Now, the other two - parking fee and cost of condoms, got me and hubby laughing hysterically. That is only being cheapskate. What a loser! Pathetic! *rolls eyes* *sticks fingers into throat*

Hmm, let's see ... when hubby and I were going out together, I guess both of us were pretty thrifty. We hardly go expensive places unless it's a special occasion, like birthdays or celebrations. Not every date has to be somewhere expensive. Both of us simply prefer somewhere simple and comfortable and as long as food is good. And I guess dear hubby is always too busy with work so have proper dates. I remember after a while, what I did so as to see him was to tabao dinner and supper for him, just to see him. Then when things start being serious, we'll have dinner at home. Home cooked is still da best! heh heh.

Perhaps hardly romantic, but we're happy. And that's what counts the most eh? I don't understand why girls must be wooed with flowers and romantic expensive candlelight dinners and spoilt rotten by the suitors. It seems so shallow. Sincerity is still the best, and that's priceless.

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