Monday, November 14, 2005

Chop chop . Grouses . :-)

I should.

I could have.

And ...

I did it!!


Swam that is.

After months and months of being too lazy to go swim. And it felt so refreshing afterwards. Eight laps, if one lap is from A to B. Hubby and I can't seem to decide which is which. Is a lap from A to B or A to B and back to A? Now I feel like I'm floating. Next ... back to yoga. Afterall, not much time left!

The damn water is still too cold.

My right arm is aching. I know not why. Feels like rhumetism. Humf.

Perhaps I should have asked everyone to give me vouchers instead. It's more fun going around and shopping yourself for the stuffs. :P

There's a very nice WMF? dish set (with the kitten design) for kids I saw. Is anyone getting that for my baby? *hint hint* ... heh heh heh. :P

Okie, I should go and look for something to eat now. Not that I'm very hungry. Oh dear. Suddenly I'm full of energy. It felt like I could swim to infinity. But self-preservative kept me sane. Thou shalt not overwork. Unlike someone who walked 3km on the first try and moan about aching thighs. heh heh heh. And now dear someone has taken up the offer to play tennis. Better get some warmup before de day eh? *bleah* Thou shalt be ready to minister massages then. :P

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