Friday, October 28, 2005


Ze poor rabix fanz haz been banzed from commentinz. Muz be ze IP addrez. Hmmm. I get spam protection started when I post the comments. It iz so troublesome to email, have to open email program .... *mutter*


Hubby told me once upon a time when he had to do a presentation, he put up his powerpoint notes and told the class: There, you can read them yourselves.

Imagine: then he folded his arms and stood one side and grinned.


I always try to make sure my powerpoint presentation and notes given out are not the same. I hate printing the powerpoint slides and give it to them just like that. So my notes are just in point form, with blanks and many many exercises. It took time, I guess, but I had so many versions before that, so this year I was pretty happy with the quality of the stuffs I gave them.

*pats self on back*


It definitely made sure they stayed awake and were on their toes.

So there it was yesterday morning that the good sir spoketh all verbatim, and I drooled onto the back of my hand.


I had read everything during the break you see. *unrepentent*

heh heh.

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