Monday, October 10, 2005

Still hungry.

There are some times when I wish hubby doesn't have to work nights. Like today for example. Dinner was a lovely dish of chicken. My favourite kind. You boil the chicken first, then you chop it up and stir fry with lots of garlic, some rice wine and a little sauce. I killed two birds with one stone. You can use the chicken stock to make chicken soup of course! heh. The chopping part is a bit difficult without a proper chopper though. My palm hurts.

Now, where was I ... yeah, hubby has to go back to work in a while. I feel like having some dessert after dinner, some hot apple tart would be nice, and it would really be nice to be able to drive to town for dessert with dear hubby now.



And there's no one I can think of to ask to go and have dessert with me.


Perhaps I should go myself? Fifteen minutes to decide.


Doc says I don't seem to be putting on enough weight. Can't help it if I can't get fat, can I. Just that my bloody arms are becoming watery, what with not doing yoga. I should really get my butt down for yoga ... but, I'm LAZZZZZYYYYY. I should get my butt down to swim, but the water is COLD .... and I hate cold water. *sniff sniff* The best ever swimming pool I had ever encountered was the one at Chiva Som, Thailand, where they had an indoor heated swimming pool! Can you beat that? Of course I swam everyday then! heh heh. And there was hardly anyone at the pool too. All to myself! *beamz*

I'm still hungry and I've finished the chocolate ice-cream.


I wish I had some friends whom I can just ask them out to meet me when I seriously need some company.

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