Sunday, October 09, 2005

More random thoughts

Hubby is going to be back late today. All those annoying homo sapians turn up at the last minute. So inconsiderate and thoughtless. Poor hubby is still a little sick. He'll be hungry for sure. Everything is prepared. Just waiting for him to get back before I start steaming the fish and dumping the veges into the soup. :P Was planning to cook chicken too, but that seems to be too much food for lunch. There's only so much food one can cook for two.

Me, I always like variety. So I always ended up cooking too much. Nah ... I'll just leave the chicken for tonight.

Hungry ...

Still quite hungry, after eating that orange and mango. :P

Bleach 52 is still not out yet this week. *twiddle thumbs*

Xena is going to be 3 in mid-November. Elmo is slightly over 3 years. They get along well, though Xena has a competitive streak and absolutely hates trailing behind Elmo when we bring both for walks. Elmo adores Xena and lets her have first go at the morning milk plate. (Or maybe he is just pa lao pao! Hahahaha!!!)

That reminds me of Wen's dogs. The older one is always a gentleman, always letting the younger female one bully him. tsk tsk tsk. And the young female one always want to be involved in everything and win everything. heh heh.

Wen goes to dog outings quite often. I wonder if their dogs do meet. :P


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