Monday, August 29, 2005

Present state of mind.

I had been sleeping soundly a while ago when I was rudely woken by a phone call by Wen from Hong Kong. She has been delightfully shopping left, right and centre, because things are slightly cheaper there. Oh no ... I won't be tempted, not at all ... well, just a teensie weensie tempted :P for I've asked her to check out some stuffs there for me. heh heh.

Really really tempted lah. :P

But okie, the difference isn't really very big, but I feel so deprived of shopping.


And suddenly I found that I couldn't get back into my state of sleeping.

Wish I were there shopping too.


The best thing is life is when suddenly dearest hubby told parents to hold the lift because he forgot something, and ran back to give me the very much needed hug.


:) :)

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