Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life's like that

The things I missed:

1. practising handstands, doing all kind of twists and the backbends. It's getting harder to do shoulderstands and headstands as well.
2. blading, ice-skating, cycling, jogging and swimming.
3. shopping
4. sashimi


Lunch today was a packet of chocolate pockey, some cherry tomatoes, and now nibbling on a bar of Lindt wafer. There's no point trying to cook something for myself right now, as dinner will soon be ready in a couple of hours time.

Let's see, dinner tonight:
Chicken with dried chilli
Variations on a theme of mushroom

I'm quite sick of Chinese style cooking. But I'm too lazy to get all the special sauces and what have yous for those western style cooking. Oh well ...

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