Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday at last!

It's one thing to wake up early to go to work. It's another thing all together to wake up early and not go to work.

What a lovely morning it was, when I left the house at seven ... and nope, definitely not to go to work.

The air smells fresher, the morning dew sparkles in the clear light, the wind whispers along the grass, and there're hardly any cars on the road.

heh heh. I missed waking up early on weekends and not going to work. Perhaps I ought to get my butt down to the park and do some jogging. Hate jogging on threadmill though. Morning's the best time for a run.

At seven plus in the morning, I see people returning from the market. It makes me wonder what time they actually go to the market. And I thought I was early! Mom used to go around eight or nine plus. She's good old friends with the people at her market and they always reserve the best parts for her. But this is different. It is different when you go to the market with a friend. It feels different. More independent kind of. You know, looking around on your own and doing your own shopping. :P

I picked Wen up at her place and we went down to Tekka market for breakfast with her friends. She bought beef and mutton for her dogs, boy, they really get the best! Her friend saw me buying some beef too, and wondered if I too have a dog? Whoops ... that was for dear hubby. hahahaha.

Wanted to buy some herbal stuffs and spices to try out more adventuous cooking, but gotta start planning first. I can't make a list for peanuts. :P

Dinner last night was really great. Wen made Thai, I thought it was really good this time. That is going to be the last meal she'll ever make. I guess it's hard to be cooking when one starts work. I hardly have time to cook anything fanciful, and on weekends one just want to rot. Where got time to make interesting food?

Cooking can be fun, if one have lots of time ... and the inclination. It's sad that there are families out there who never gets to have a nice proper meal at home. Homecooked food is da best. And it brings the family ever closer together. I'm not a super traditionist, but I somehow feels that a wife and husband should spend some time cooking together. Even housework is done by an external maid. What is left to be done together?

Darn, speaking of which ... back to cleaning the house.

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