Monday, July 04, 2005

My take

You know how it is, when it strikes you, you just wanna go all ahead for it.

We caught two shows in one day. Adrenaline definitely. All those action. Whee.

It's a good thing we caught War of the Worlds first though.

Now, I've always thought I've read the book before. I have the book at home, and somehow I always knew what the story was about. But all the middle bits seem very foreign. I knew what the aliens were like, I knew how they died, but when I went home and rift through the book, it seemed that I have not read it before. How strange.

Anyway, the story was written in the 19th century. In the 21st century, expectations are different. It certainly seems quite ridiculous that for an intelligent species who had been watching Earth for millions of years, they would do such a stupid thing like exposing themselves to the atmosphere and food of this world, without even knowing about germs, bacteria and viruses. Kinda really silly. It seems a convenient way for HG Wells to kill them off, without going into specifics.

Oh well. I thought Tom Cruise didn't look very suitable as the hero. He didn't looked rugged enough. He just seemed to have this clean cut military chap look about him. Not really just a crane operator. And besides ... he looked so short. heh. But the action was rather cool. Mind numbing fun.

I think I've always mixed up War of the Worlds with another sci-fic story by another author, which I can't remember right now. The aliens were also tripod-like. But that one was in more detail ... and it kinda reminded me of a combination of robotech and well ... war of the worlds, I guess. Hmmm.

Batman Begins, on the other hand, is great. Christian Bale definitely looked real good. I think he's the best of all batman ... well, except that his head is too almond shaped. Not much of a squarish jaw of batman. Can't really be helped I guess. The story was a bit slow, but engaging. Only fault I guess is that ... well, that machine which vapourised water seems rather far-fetched. What is stopping it from vapourising water in one's body?

Next ... Fantastic Four. :)

I finally got my belated birthday present from Wen. She got hers as well. I decided that I don't need to look for something she really really likes and that it'll be useful for her, it's simply too difficult. Just something which I know she would probably like, and heck if she doesn't like it. Anyway, I think she does liked what I gave her .. though they're probably quite useless.

Well, she gave me something really useful. I got a lovely set of nail polish with all the works. Darn. She knows I like nail polish ... but she doesn't know that I hardly use them! Oh dear ... now I have got to go and paint my nails myself. Darn darn darn. :P

Did I mention I'm too lazy to do such stuffs? Gee, I'd rather go out and get it done for me.


Perhaps I shall do my nails later ... after I clear up dinner.

She brought me to do threading. I must say the effect is really nice. heh heh. Quite painful though, I think the lady must have pulled out quite a lot of hairs. doh.

Can go again. Pretty cheap. :P

And Wen finally realises that there's so much things to do even when one has one month of hols. You don't have to go anywhere at all! Less stress too.

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