Monday, July 04, 2005

Did I mention?

The resident lizard appeared again two days later after the unfortunate accident. Unfortunately, most most tragically, and most most unluckily, it had to come out when I was around. Lizards on the wall I can somewhat stand. But lizards running around on the floor freak me out. I don't wanna them to run over my feet.

I think I did the job properly this time round. It's been almost a week. No more sign.

Please stay dead.

There were so many security personnel at the shopping mall today. So silly. I wonder why I always go beep even when I'm not carrying anything at all. Hmmm.

Wen told me this: when you have a surname Sng ... Charles Sng as a name will definitely not do. Go figure that out.

Damn funny.

I finally got my piano over. It's nice to be able to bang on it now and then. Pathetically practising the Pathetique again. And it's not sympathetique. :P Forgot everything. Damn. Fingers frozen. How I missed the time when I could play all those difficult pieces with ease.

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