Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Getting away with it

Now the problem with cooking just for two is ...

We had better love celery for the next few days.

And beef as well.

So I'm taking a short break, scanning through my cookbooks. How else can celery be cooked, besides with beef? We had that on Monday, and dear hubby refused to look at another dish of beef with celery. So beef will go with ginger stir fry ... and celery? Celery can last four more times. Many stalks you see.

If only I had scallops. That will go nicely with celery. We're kinda tired of prawns for a while, and we had fish yesterday.

Oh dear celery. I'm not strongly against you, just that I don't like you very much either. Just enough as garnishes. But not too much.

Can you imagine what would happen if I were to cook every meat meal with celery for the next few weeks?


I'm tired of being nice and making special photocopies of worksheets for them when they lose them again and again.

They can jolly well get from their friends and make copies themselves. And if they aren't able to hand in on time, they can just as well get a zero or go for D.

No more mrs nice person.


Similariy, I'm tired of being their wastepaper dustbin and collect their worksheets and stuffs as and when they feel like handing them in. If they are unable to keep datelines, then too bad. Either get a zero or go for D. Maybe fine them. We are a fine country.

*double bleah*

I've thought of what to cook with celery. It shall be celery main dish. Vegetables rulz. hahaha.

I hope it tastes nice. Tell you later. :P

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