Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday night blues

It's another of those lonely friday nights. You'd think I had enough of computers, what with staring at them for the past two days. We did e-learning see, and got the students to stay at home, while poor us slogged to work early in the morning and to sit in front of the computers and teared our eyes out.

It crashed today. haha.

I can't seem to access the server back home, so too bad to all those emails tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.

Actually it was quite fun. I completed quite a lot of my markings. :P

And there's no one to shout at. Bliss.

So it's another lonely Friday night in. I toyed with the idea of going out to shop, have dinner and veged out, but ended up scrubbing the kitchen while cooking dinner for hubby. The blasted hood melted, but it sure gave me a good excuse to get a new and better one. Hubby said I'm blackmilling him when I told him I would be able to cook even nicer stuffs if I have a nice new one. Then he said I'm threatening him when I protested that I can't cook without a hood. :P But we shall go and shop for a new one soon. Perhaps we could get it repaired under warrenty, but the bloody blasted design has an internal design error, and I bet even after repairing, six more months of intensive Chinese-style cooking will cause the sky to drop on my head. Again.


So I ended up scrubbing the kitchen cabinets and walls, because of the blasted internal design error of the blasted cookery hob, which caused the doors of the cabinets to be oily with muck.

I shall get a new one with a better design.

Blasted bloody you-know-who. Cheapskate.

We caught Fantastic Four yesterday. There was nothing fantastic about it. Just that it was rather sweet and boring. I think we are so conditioned to watching superheros act in a certain manner, and this storyline actually felt rather crappy. It's really kinda dumb, you know, when all the troubles seemed to be started by trivial arguements among the superpowers, be them good or so-called evil, and have the public applauded when the so-called evil guy lost. Hell, the evil scarface (Dr Doom) didn't seem to do anything particularly evil, or evil enough that the whole world knew he was evil, so how come the on-lookers and public seemed to know who's evil and who's not? Apparently he killed some people, but it was in a dark and gloomy night, and I bet he left no clues so who's to know?

If it were me, I would have thought the heros were all trouble, since they started all the destruction in the first place.

You have to watch it to know what I'm talking about. I wasn't very impressed.

But I'm rather impressed with Jessica Alba, no, not exactly with her acting, but she is rather beautiful ... in an rather exotic charming kind of way. Hmm, I think dear hubby got her mixed up with someone else.

So I busied myself with scrubbing the kitchen, but I don't feel tired enough to be happy yet. And I don't feel motivated to do any manual labour to make myself tired. Perhaps what is left is to have a nice hot bath, and find a good book to read.

Just that there isn't any good books left to tickle my interest.


It's kinda boring, and sad ... nowadays that my favourite blogger is not blogging too. I'm sure she has her reasons, just that there isn't really nice stuffs to read online.


Oh well ... time for that nice bath I promised myself. There's something about being clean, that makes it ... nice. :P

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